About Justin Kates


Internationally renowned and award-winning photographer Justin Kates flexes his lens to create a type of stunning imagery that springs from a scintillating pathos transfixed on uneasy relationships between lust, madness, vice, and the macabre. Kates’ interests include film, video, advertising, and privately commissioned artistic projects for books, private collections, and interdisciplinary collaborations. His personality was forged in Asheville, N.C., and during his formative years as an artist, he was bombarded by right-wing religious fervor, intolerance, and xenophobia. Consequently, a rejection of theocracy and hypocrisy has characterized his entire life, leading him to diverge into a preternatural world, rife with fantasy, imaginary realms, and all forms of the shadow side of human behavior.

Kates began his love affair with multimedia and artistic pursuits while working on video and theater productions. While he had always dabbled with cameras, he first chose history for collegiate studies. He honed his skills in videography, digital editing, music video production, writing and directing by bringing to fruition a number of film projects including producing Ghost Trek, The Mill, Psychic Brats, and The making of Purgatory.

Kates began his obsession with digital art and photography as the first generation of DSLRs came to market. This newfound ability to work separately from the burden of teams, budgets, and proposals has freed him develop his personal vision…a complex fusion of wickedness and lust, folklore and fantasy, introspection, and projection. Whether it be a seductress, a villainess, a femme-fatale, a revenant, or a siren, Kates’ work reveals the passion in vice, and the morbidity of love.
Recent published works include art and promo work for Addy Miller from the Walking Dead, Morbid Angel, Dean Guitars, The Genitorturers, and Android Lust among others.


As a testament to his ever expanding audience, Kates is sought regularly as a panelist and speaker at Conventions throughout the nation, a regular exhibitor with the late great special effects artist Greyson Wolf at Dragoncon, and has been awarded several accolades for his photography. His first monograph ‘ Sanguis Vitam Est’ was published in 2010 followed by Profane Machinations. His signature brand of gritty digital art and dark fantasy infused photography are often featured magazine covers, shared from